Football Betting – Serie A – Will Stramaccioni succeed in bringing Inter Milan back at the top?

25 Sep

Moratti’s decision to promote a young coach as Stramaccioni to the first team was a gamble, but it made sense if you consider that after winning everything Inter Milan have started to focus on youths.  What better, then, that a youth coach like Stramaccioni who was able to win everything with the youth side? Moreover, the same choice was also made by Barcelona who preferred a domestic solution like Tito Villanova to a coach with a different football culture.

Moratti certainly isn’t a fool, however, we do not believe that this was a positive decision for the club for several reasons. First of all, Stramaccioni should show more respect for older coaches: former Torino coach Mondonico told him that his squad only won thanks to  counter attacks against Torino last week. He was very rude and left without saying anything. In fact Mondonico was right and this was clear in the last match lost by Inter Milan against Siena: Inter Milan in that occasion had to attack and find spaces against a team who were defending deep waiting to hit in the break.

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The nerazzurri failed to find the goal and exposed their defence to their opponents counter attack like they did in previous home games this season and end up losing that match in a shocking fashion.  Away obviously the music changes as the Nerazzurri can play in a less offensive way, they have more spaces upfront and can defend better: this is why they have always won so far in their travels. Not wanting to admit the problem the inexperienced coach is continuing to losing important encounters whilst he would be better off to accept criticism and work out a solution.

The second reason why I think this project is going to fail is that in Italy you cannot just promote an inexperienced coach as every sides, even the smallest one, will be tactically aware and ready to take advantage of any blip of the opponents. Here, if a coach is not well prepared and able to read the game immediately, he is doomed to fail even if he has a strongest side at his disposal. The proof of this was the match played against Roma, in which Inter were defeated with a clear 1-3: unlike the game against Siena, Roma adopted an attacking stile and Zeman managed to make some changes in tactics during the encounter, creating serious problems for the Nerazzurri. Stramaccioni was unable to counter it and end up losing the game. In conclusion, I believe that Moratti is aware that Stramaccioni is a coach with good potentials but he is not going to be a winning one as yet. As Inter this season is not a ‘Ferrari’ you can also take this risk but as soon as the Nerazzurri will start again to invest heavily in the market, than Moratti will probably also change the coach and get a more suitable man to manage a side of the size of Inter. Stramaccioni is trying to be as arrogant as Mourinho without having the CV to do so. Back Inter to finish out of the Champions League positions.

Marco Narardi

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